ColdBricks is a versatile and
extensible platform for
Content Management,
Portal Creation and
Website Development.

What is ColdBricks?

ColdBricks is a FREE and OPEN SOURCE web application for the ColdFusion/CFML platform that lets you create and maintain highly dynamic and modular websites and portals.
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Multi-site Support

Create and manage as many sites as you want (on a single server) from one central location.

Really Easy To Setup

Get up and running in no time, no database or complex server setup required. Just unzip and go!

Extensible via Modules and Templates

Extend ColdBricks by downloading pluggable modules or by developing your own.

Customized Resource Libraries

Develop your sites around the concepts that really make sense to you

More Than 'just' a CMS

ColdBricks goes beyond traditional Content Management Systems and provides a platform for building unique and custom solutions.

Built on Open Source Technology

Need to go under the hood to change something? No problem! You get the entire source code to tinker and modify to your heart's content